Book 2

Fingerstyle and Classical Guitar Sheet Music
Book 2

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Read This Before You Begin

headbanger Sound Files: Download the sound files and listen to them a zillion times prior to tackling each song. The sound files are to your right. If you’re on your phone, they’re down below.

headbanger Standard Notation: In tablature we trust, but we like standard notation too. If you want copies without tablature, we can make that happen. It’s the modern world and we own software.

headbanger What’s TuffAxe? It’s the chord-melody arrangement. Some people call it “fingerstyle.” It’s tough to play, and if you can do it, you’re “tuff” … that’s good.

headbanger Multiple Voicing: Each piece of sheet music is designed to be played in at least four different ways. Level 5 and 6 material is meant for ensemble work and usually has even more voicings.

headbanger Our Books: We have pre-printed books waiting for you at the office. They have plenty of instruction not available online. Save your sanity and your printer and buy them.

headbanger Copyright: Don’t sell anything you find on this page or we’ll hunt you down and start dating your sister. If there is no PDF, email me to acquire a copy after a short discussion about your plans.

headbanger Get a Teacher Ya Lunatic: Sheet music won’t make you a musician. You need to do three things: Practice, show up to play with others, and get some decent instruction. Gutting it out by yourself with internet downloads is the worst way to do this. You’re developing bad habits without knowing. Stop looking for something “cool” to play. That mindset will impede your progress. Learn how to play properly with good technique on stupid songs and then you will be able to play anything.

headbanger Stoicism: The problem is not a problem. Our attitude toward the problem is the problem. Start right now. Do what you can. Analyze the results. Start again tomorrow. If you play one hour a day every day, you’ll master the guitar in just over 27 years. If you play less than that, it’ll take longer. Enjoy the ride and have realistic expectations. If making music were as easy as those “play guitar the easy way” advertisements suggest, everybody would be doing it. It’s not easy, and they’re not doing what those ads say at all. Plan on many hours of using your best sense of humor as you fail your way to being the best you. Patience, practice, trying to do what your instructor asks of you, and “showing up” will work.


Book 2: Two-ish Chord Songs

Most of these songs are on the annoying side, but some are wonderful and all are helpful to finish out your toolbox necessary to effectively play sophisticated music for the rest of your life. Melody, Chords, TuffAxe, Duets … oh my. And yeah, the printed edition of Book 2 has tons of additional stuff you’ll want. Come buy the complete book and save your printer a lot of grief.

  • Want the teacher’s edition of Book 1 as a PDF? Email me
  • Progress Check Sheet PDF
  • Practice Log PDF
  1. A-Tisket, A-Tasket [A & E7] PDF ~ Lesson
  2. Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’ [D & A & A7] PDF
  3. Alouette [D & A7] PDF
  4. Buffalo Gals [G & D7] PDF
  5. Carnival of Venice [C & G7] PDF
  6. Clementine [A & E7] PDF
  7. Day-O: The Banana Boat Song [D & A] PDF
  8. Down in the Valley [C & G & G7] PDF
  9. Drunken Sailor [Am & G, Dm & C, Em & D, Movable Bars] PDF
  10. Go Tell Aunt Rhody [C & G] PDF
  11. Hokey Pokey [C & G7] PDF
  12. Hush Little Baby [E & B7] PDF
  13. Itsy Bitsy Spider [G & D7] PDF
  14. La Cucaracha [D & A] PDF
  15. London Bridge is Falling Down [A & E, C & G] PDF
  16. Mary Had a Little Lamb [D & A, A & E] PDF
  17. Pay Me My Money Down [A & E] PDF
  18. Simple Gifts [A & E] PDF
  19. Skip to My Loo [F & C7] PDF
  20. The More We Get Together [G & D] PDF
  21. This Old Man PDF [A & D & E] ~ Lesson
  22. Tom Dooley [D & A7] PDF
  23. Wheels on the Bus [F & C] PDF