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All times are Denver Time

  • Tuesdays at 7 pm: Orchestra! Spanish-inspired guitar … like God meant it.
  • Wednesdays at 6 pm: Guitar Levels 1, 2, 3 and Classical … like the devil meant it.
  • Weekdays at 5 pm: Multi-instrument (harmonica) ensemble: Info Here

Tuesdays: Guitar Orchestra at 7 pm

  • We will be online and in-person at Grant Street.
  • Join us in-person if you are in town and vaccinated and boosted.

#386 June 28: Denver Guitar Orchestra: Link to Join

  1. Cielito Lindo and Jarabe Tapatío
  2. El Noi de la Mare
  3. La Llorana
  4. La Paloma
  5. Malagueña
  6. Remember Me
  7. Spanish Romance
  8. Un Dia de Noviembre

Wednesdays: Books 1, 2, 3 and Classical at 6 pm

#387 June 29: Denver Guitar Orchestra Foundations: Link to Join will appear HERE shortly before class. Hit reload.

  • Book 1:
    • Play: Brother John PDF
    • Study: Frère Jacques PDF
  • Book 2:
    • Play: The More We Get Together PDF
    • Study: This Old Man PDF 
  • Book 3:
    • Play: Internationalé PDF
    • Study: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair PDF
  • Classical: If you need the password to the Classical page, email me.
    • Lesson 61 by Julio Sagreras (1879-1942) PDF
    • Ninou by Shawn Bell (1989) PDF
    • Ukrainian Melody (traditional) PDF
    • Lesson 48 by Julio Sagreras (1879-1942) PDF
    • We will replay everything in RCM Book 0 one last time before moving to Book 1. Now is the time to take a look back.

Thursdays: Face-to-Face at 7 pm in Lakewood

  • Go HERE and keyword search for guitar to sign up. Super cheap!
  • No online access to these classes, but if you live in Denver they’re the way to go.

Also Available:

If you want to participate by private video chat or in-person private lesson, here’s how:

  • Make a phone video of you playing the song. It does not have to be great. Keep it simple.
  • Make sure the video includes both of your hands.
  • Upload a copy of your video to Dropbox using their app on your phone, or upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video. Make sure you’re using wifi as it eats up phone data pretty fast.
  • Send me a link to your video. I will look at it, sing your praises, give you a helpful suggestion or two (or 50), and then you’ll record your next effort.
  • If you’re not sure about the steps to use the technology, send me an email.
  • Why would you do this? The vast majority of people who start on guitar quit because it’s too hard. Making a regular video of yourself helps you get beyond your ego, gives you something to shoot for each week, gives you a realistic picture of what you can do now, gives you hope for the future (especially when you review older videos you made), and most importantly gives you one more way to play guitar since preparing for a recording is a more detailed process than cranking out yet another tune. This process will make you better and make playing guitar easier.

Check out our last concert featuring the Beatles music we have from Book 4 on YouTube.