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Sound Files for All Sheet Music

Read this before proceeding!

  • Our Books: We have Levels 1 through 4a and Christmas books pre-printed and waiting for you at the office. They’re for our students and have plenty of instruction not available online. Save your sanity and your printer and come buy one or all of them.
  • What’s TuffAxe? It’s the chord-melody arrangement. Some people call it “fingerstyle”… as if you play guitar with something other than your fingers(?!). It’s tough to play, and if you can do it, you’re “tuff” … that’s good.
  • Copyright: You’re welcome to use the sheets posted here in almost any way that quacks your duck. Don’t sell anything you find on this page or we’ll hunt you down and start dating your sister. Songs under copyright protection from the original composer aren’t posted and you’ll need to email to acquire a copy after a short discussion about your plans.
  • Standard Notation: In tablature we trust, but we like standard notation too. If you want copies without tablature, we can make that happen. It’s the modern world and we own software.
  • Multiple Voicing: Each piece of sheet music is designed to be played in at least four different ways. Level 5 material can have even more voicings.
  • Get a Teacher Ya Lunatic: Just because you find sheet music on the web, doesn’t mean you have the tools to make music. Get with a qualified instructor to create a decent skill set and stop wasting time gutting it out by yourself with internet downloads.
  • Sound Files: You should download the computer generated sound files and listen to them a zillion times prior to tackling each song.

Level 1: One Chord Songs

Yup, we know, these songs aren’t cool enough for you. Do ’em anyway. They’re WAY more important than you might imagine when getting started. If you live in Denver, you should sign up for one of our Level 1 classes. If you’re not in Denver, you probably want to contact us about getting the complete Level 1 Book with the instructional material. You should try playing along to each video or sound file to see if you’re ready for your exam.

  1. Brother John PDF ~ Video ~ Lesson ~ Lesson
  2. Frère Jacques PDF
  3. Farmer in the Dell PDF
  4. Row Row Row Your Boat PDF ~ Lesson
  5. Three Blind Mice PDF
  6. All Through the Night (stretch) PDF
Video Playlist for Level 1


Level 2: Two-ish Chord Songs

Melody, chords, TuffAxe, arpeggios… oh my. If you can, take a Level 2 class with us and get your professional tools up to speed. It’s surprisingly challenging and fun. And yeah, Book 2 has so much good stuff in it you’ll want to own a copy.

  1. A-Tisket, A-Tasket PDF ~ Lesson
  2. Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’ PDF
  3. Alouette PDF
  4. Buffalo Gals PDF
  5. Clementine PDF
  6. Day-O: The Banana Boat Song PDF
  7. Down in the Valley PDF
  8. Drunken Sailor PDF
  9. Go Tell Aunt Rhody PDF
  10. Hokey Pokey PDF
  11. Hush Little Baby PDF
  12. Itsy Bitsy Spider PDF
  13. London Bridge is Falling Down PDF
  14. Mary Had a Little Lamb PDF
  15. Pay Me My Money Down PDF
  16. Simple Gifts PDF
  17. Skip to My Loo PDF
  18. The More We Get Together PDF
  19. This Old Man PDF ~ Lesson
  20. Tom Dooley PDF
  21. Wheels on the Bus PDF

Level 3: Multi-Chord Public Domain Songs

If you can play all the parts of all these songs, you are ready for a life in guitar. Join us for a Level 3 class or get the complete Book 3 to be cool. 

  1. Ah! Vous Dirai-Je, Maman PDF ~ Lesson
  2. All Through the Night (reprise) PDF
  3. Amazing Grace PDF
  4. Aura Lea PDF
  5. Beautiful Dreamer  PDF
  6. Brahm’s Lullabye PDF
  7. Colorado Trail PDF
  8. Daisy Bell PDF
  9. Down by the Riverside PDF
  10. For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow PDF
  11. Fur Elise PDF
  12. Happy Birthday PDF
  13. Heidenröslein PDF
  14. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair PDF
  15. Plaisir d’Amour PDF
  16. Santa Lucia PDF
  17. Scarborough Fair PDF
  18. Streets of Laredo PDF
  19. Trumpet Voluntary PDF
  20. Waltzing Matilda PDF
  21. When the Saints Go Marching In PDF

Level 4: Iconic Songs Worth Mastering

If there is no PDF, it’s modern song likely still under copyright protections to the original composer, so we can chat about how you can have a copy over email.

Book 4A: Our first book in the Level 4 series is complete! Stop by the shop (call first!), bring some cash (and a pretty girl), and let’s set you up for at least a year’s worth of aggravation and beauty. Buying the pre-printed book will save your time, your printer, and your sanity. We’ll be assembling new books every time we get 30 or so new arrangements. You’re lucky to know us. 😉

  1. America the Beautiful (2018-May-20) PDF
  2. Andante in G by Carulli (2018-May-20) PDF
  3. As Time Goes By (2018-Apr-11) Via Email
  4. Blowin’ in the Wind (2018-Apr-15) Via Email
  5. Both Sides Now (2018-May-23) Via Email
  6. Danny Boy (2018-Jan-28) PDF
  7. Edelweiss (2018-May-20) Via Email
  8. Ghost Riders in the Sky (2018-May-09) Via Email
  9. Godfather Theme (2018-May-09) Via Email
  10. Hallelujah (2018-Apr-04) Via Email
  11. Home on the Range (2018-May-24) PDF
  12. Imagine (2018-Apr-11) Via Email
  13. Internationalé (2018-Apr-12) Via Email
  14. It’s Only a Paper Moon (2018-May-24) Via Email
  15. La Vie en Rose (2018-May-12) Via Email
  16. Last Rose of Summer (2018-May-20) Via Email
  17. Malagueña (2018-Jun-06) PDF
  18. Minstrel Boy (2018-May-24) PDF
  19. Moon River (2018-May-24) Via Email
  20. Morning Has Broken (2018-Apr-27) Via Email
  21. Over the Rainbow (2017-Dec-01) Via Email
  22. Singing in the Rain (2018-Jun-06) Via Email
  23. Smile (2018-May-12) Via Email
  24. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (2018-May-25) Via Email
  25. Sound of Silence (2018-Jun-06) Via Email
  26. Spanish Romance (2018-Jan-19) PDF
  27. Summertime (2018-May-25) Via Email
  28. This Land is Your Land (2018-Feb-04) Via Email
  29. Try to Remember (2017-Dec-03) Via Email
  30. Wonderful World (2019-Jan-20) Via Email

Book 4B: Yep, it’s oozing from the computer now. Here’s what’s ready and once we get all 30 complete you’ll be able to buy it as a book.

  1. Blue Moon
  2. Estudio in Em by Tárrega
  3. Girl from Ipanema
  4. Hotel California
  5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

We anticipate having approximately one million songs in Level 4 and multiple books. Help us decide what is worth memorizing.

Level 5: Multipart Arrangements

If there is no PDF, it’s modern song likely still under copyright protections to the original composer, so we can chat on email about how you can have a copy. Arrangements usually have 7 parts: Lyrics, Chords, Guitar Melodies, Arpeggios, Basslines, Percussion, and TuffAxe (fingerstyle chord-melody). In addition to the conductor’s score and sound file, individual parts have their own sheets and sound files available too.

  1. Annie’s Song (2018-03-05) Via Email
  2. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with Frankfurters (2019-Jun-2) PDF
  3. La Paloma (2019-08-29) PDF
  4. Lara’s Theme (2019-03-24) Via Email
  5. Melville Castle (2018-02-13) PDF
  6. Menuett Suite in G major & minor (but not really) (2019-04-29) PDF
  7. Of A’ the Airts the Wind Can Blaw (2017-11-26) PDF
  8. Tears in Heaven (2018-09-16) Via Email

So much more is on the way … but the secretary who puts these together in pretty little packages with bows is “a bit of a drinker” if ya know what I mean.

Level 6: Member Created Arrangements

  1. Bad Romance Poker Face Gaga Medley – Lyons (2019-12-8) Via Email
  2. Lean on Me – Lyons (2019-12-31) Via Email
  3. Lyon’s Arpeggios – Lyons (2018-10-26) Via Email
  4. Unchained Melody – Lyons (2018-10-26) Via Email

Level 7: Teacher Certification

  • Completed teacher training program.
  • Contributed in a meaningful way to the Teacher’s Manual

The Community Orchestra Teachers Manual will contain a complete guitar program gleaned from centuries of pedagogy. It will allow you to duplicate a community guitar orchestra wherever you are. 

  • Download additional practice logs HERE.
  • Download the composing blank HERE.

Book F(reebies): Random Stuff

The DGO Freebie Book! We end up with arrangements that don’t really fit anywhere else. So here ya go.

  1. Cielito Lindo PDF
  2. Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden PDF
  3. Lavenders Blue PDF
  4. Peter Cottontail (2019-04-20) Email Me
  5. Soft Kitty Via Email

Book X(mas): Christmas and Hanukkah

All these songs along with instruction not available online can be acquired in a pre-printed book. Come pick one up. If there is no PDF, it’s probably a modern song with copyright concerns, so we can chat about how you can have a copy over email.

  1. Adeste Fideles (2017-11-22) PDF
  2. Angels We Have Heard on High (2017-11-23) PDF
  3. Auld Lang Syne (2017-11-23) PDF
  4. Away in a Manger (2017-11-04) PDF
  5. Bring a Torch (2017-11-16) PDF
  6. Carol of the Bells
  7. Christmas Is
  8. Dreidel Song (2017-11-06) PDF
  9. Entre le Boeuf et l’Ane Gris (2017-11-23) PDF
  10. First Noel (2107-11-24) PDF
  11. Greensleeves (2017-11-22) PDF
  12. Happy Xmas – War is Over (2017-11-24)
  13. Jingle Bells (2017-12-01) PDF
  14. Joy to the World (2017-11-24) PDF
  15. Ner Li: I Have a Candle (2017-11-12) PDF
  16. O Come O Come Emmanuel (2017-11-24) PDF
  17. O Tannenbaum (2017-11-26) PDF
  18. Silent Night (2017-11-24) PDF
  19. Silver Bells (2017-11-22)
  20. Twelve Days of Christmas (2016-10-17) PDF
  21. Up on the House Top (2017-11-24) PDF
  22. We Three Kings (2017-11-24) PDF
  23. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (2017-11-24) PDF
  24. White Christmas (2017-11-24)
  25. Winter Wonderland (2017-11-24)