Chord Chart

We’re gonna need to talk to the robot people programming AI to draw people playing guitar. Let’s go through this one:

  1. Weirdly symmetrical face like you’d find on a doll.
  2. Hair looks pretty good for a cartoon.
  3. Denim? I guess that’s what they figure you’re gonna be wearing when you play. She’s wearing jewelry, and you’re not going to be able to afford any if you become a guitarist, so I’m assuming she’s also a thief when she’s not practicing.
  4. Double-bodied guitar. I guess if one is good, two are better.
  5. Thankfully, they’ve put a parlor-sized guitar in her lap instead of the dreadnought Guitar Center tries to sell every new student. This is the correct size of guitar to learn on and this one is manufactured by Blurry Label Guitars. It’s got a really weird crooked zero fret that’ll make it play out of tune, but happily we can’t hear her, eh?
  6. The tuning pegs are kinda living a life of their own.
  7. Her arm is around the bottom of the guitar. That’s gotta feel weird.
  8. I’m sure you’ve already grown concerned that she’s playing with her guitar horizontal. When she gets booked at Red Rocks, it’ll be crazy awkward to try to figure out how to play while standing at a microphone. Posture matters.
  9. And the left hand. Sigh. Weirdo thumb. Neck in the palm of her hand. Tortured fretting fingers. Why is she making her AI life so much more complicated?

OK, way too much goofiness.

Here’s your quiz: Why is she dreaming of the number 30, and what song from Book 2 is she working on?

Here’s the answers and big news: I just posted the chord chart I’ve been needing forever. It’s a guitar chord chart set up for composers. It includes all 30 keys, not just the 24 keys that Bach wrote in for piano since he was soooo lazy. Hopefully you have a chord finder on your phone to help you quickly find a chord you don’t know, but when you start writing music you need to know how all of the chords relate to all of the keys and where to start on more guitar-friendly keys. As always, if you see mistakes, please let me know.

And the song she’s working on based on the two chords shown … drum roll … Skip to My Loo. It’s a song about the joy of going to the bathroom in London. Go play it.