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The DGO 

We began growing a city-wide orchestra on November 11, 2017, with guitarists who understand teamwork. It’s fun and you’ll improve your skills at a much faster pace than working alone. We know two things all accomplished players do … they practice (some more than others) and they show up to rehearsal. If you’re willing to do those two things, you should get in touch with us no matter your current skill level.

If you want nothing to do with sheet music, or if you need to be the center of attention, or if you only want to play one type of song or from one specific genre, then you probably have better options in Denver and we encourage you to seek those alternatives out.

cellphonePlease call or text 303-984-0777 or email:

We do have a Facebook page we mostly don’t keep up, but we’d do a better job with it if you think we should:

Our Mission: The Denver Guitar Orchestra supports community members of all ages and skill levels willing to practice, rehearse, and work as a team in a community orchestra education program to develop music from all eras and styles for presentation on the acoustic guitar.