By the Light of the Silvery Moon

If you get an email auto-published by the website, can you hit reply right now and send a note that says, “got it” or something similar? You will only be notified of this post if I’ve done everything correctly, and the chances of that happening are low!

I have made some changes to the back shop on the website and we’ll see if those are helpful or not. Theoretically, you should be getting a notice that I’ve updated the sheet music on “By the Light of the Silvery Moon.”

Here’s what’s different and new and hopefully better.

All sheet music going forward should have:

  1. Chords for singing along when the song has lyrics. I will include chords on non-vocal music when it seems helpful.
  2. I am going to put full solo arrangements in the standard notation going forward since we are having more and more classically trained guitarists finding us and they like reading notes rather than tabs (for some insane reason). Singers should still be able to see their part riding atop the chord accompaniment.
  3. The tab for guitar melody will continue to be a single line which I think is especially helpful if you’re a newer tab reader, or if you’re doing instrumental work in an ensemble.
  4. I’ve made a few changes on this tune in the fingering of the TuffAxe line for consistency, ease of movement, and in one case, I’ve moved the entire chord up the neck.

I love Tin Pan Alley music in general, but on guitar it’s especially delightful as you will always find a strong melody and plenty of fun chord structures that don’t make you say, “Whaaaa??” It was a simpler time in the world before electricity got its grubby paws all over music.

Here’s your sheet music: By the Light of the Silvery Moon PDF – Update May 9, 2024

As always, you’ll find the MP3 in the widget on the right side of the screen labeled “All Our Tunes.”