What Kind of a Guitarist are You?

Which kind of guitarists are mixed up in your soul?

  • The quiet kind hoping nobody finds out you’re trying to learn?
  • The really quiet kind who’s been playing in the basement for years?
  • The loud kind that hopes your personality is bigger than your skills deficit?
  • The over-educated kind that talks a good game? (That’s me!)
  • The fun one who just likes to get together and try?
  • The kind who’s played off and on and off again for decades?
  • The guitar acquisition guru who lives on the web reading about guitars?
  • The judgmental guitarist who finds flaws in others?
  • The rock star who’s been entertaining crowds forever?
  • What other types have you met?

DGO won’t care if you’re a mix of several types of guitarist as long as you’ll practice at home, show up to rehearsal, and not be a pain in the neck to be around. If that’s you … come hang out with us.